Wiltshire Piper/Home Counties Pipes & Drums Client Contract

  • When accepted, quotes will be payable by the client 7 days prior to the function if paying by cheque or BAC’S transaction, or alternately on the day in cash, on arrival.
  • Temporary parking facilities must be made available as close as possible to the Venue.
  • Provision must be made for access to and from the Venue during the set-up and take down periods.
  • If the function is held in a marquee on a grassed area, adequate dry access to the entertainment area must be made available.
  • The entertainer/s will not, under any circumstances, carry equipment through or over muddy, frozen, saturated or dangerous slippery surfaces.
  • If required changing facilities should be provided prior to and following the function.
  • Wiltshire Piper and Colleagues if applicable would appreciate food and refreshments prior to the start of the function and/or during the break in any sets.
  • Guests, food and drink must be kept away from any musical equipment or dress..
  • Children must not be allowed to enter the designated entertainer area at any time.
  • Should the Client have a complaint or problem before or during the function, they must make this known to the entertainer.
  • In the case of the supply of a Marching Band, a sound check and rehearsal will take place prior to the start time.
  • Wiltshire Piper warrants that all equipment is in good working order, and fit for its purpose, and that no part of the performance is likely to be a danger to the entertainer or any other person/s present. Ceremonial Swords, Daggers if worn, will not be drawn at any time within any public area under any circumstances.
  • Wiltshire Piper and The Band of the Home Counties Pipes & Drums confirm holding Public Liability insurance under separate cover both for solo/group performances as applicable and is available upon request.
  • The fee quoted covers payment for his/their performance, it also covers travel to and from the venue. However refreshments/meals for himself and if applicable to other members of the band should be arranged by the organiser should he/they be required to remain on site for more than 2 hours. Accommodation/Flights if applicable/necessary would also be the responsibility of the client under separate arrangements.
  • Should there be reason for un- notified delay or change in contracted timings, or additional hours, Wiltshire Piper and colleagues have the right to claim waiting time/Piping Time at £25 per hour per performer at his discretion.
  • No fee shall be payable to Wiltshire Piper for any day upon which this engagement shall be suspended by reason of Royal Demise, National Mourning, Fire, Epidemic, War, Strikes, lockout or by reason of order of any Licensing or Public Authority.
  • Wiltshire Piper cannot be held liable or accountable to acts of nature but also including terrorism or unforeseen circumstances beyond his control. If performing in an open area Wiltshire Piper has the right at his discretion to delay or cancel any performance booked due to torrential rain, He and if applicable, other band members will not at any time perform at an outside venue when thunder/lightning storms are present or imminent.
  • Wiltshire Piper and members of Home Counties Pipes and Drums will never pass or distribute any client's personal or financial information to any third party as in compliance with the 1984 & 1998 UK Data Protection Acts.
  • However the Client agrees that any photographs video’s or recordings of the event and used to promote his service may be published on his website or social media page without further consent on the understanding this will not discredit undermine or compromise the client or their guests in any way.

Cancellation of Booking

In the event of cancellation of a confirmed date, the following shall be payable by the client directly to Wiltshire Piper:

  • More than 60 days from the performance date; No fee payable
  • Between 31-60 days from the performance date: 25% of the balance
  • Between 21-30 days from the performance date: 50% of the balance
  • Between 5-20 days from the performance date: 75% of the balance
  • Between 1-5 days from the performance date: 100% of the balance.

All booking fees paid are non-refundable except when a booking is cancelled by Wiltshire Piper/The Home Counties Pipes & Drums due to non-attendance for a justifiable reason beyond his/their control. In such cases, any booking fees will be repaid in full to the client. Alternately Wiltshire Piper could if agreeable, with the Client and practical with himself, guarantee and source a replacement Colleague of his choice at the previously, quoted fee agreed. Any additional cost incurred in sourcing a replacement, would when necessary be met by Wiltshire Piper to avoid additional cost to the client.

Wiltshire Piper/Home Counties Pipes and Drums